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Check out the field of teams for the FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014
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iFLY SF Bay takes lead for Indoor Cloud League July sequences with AAA 33-pointer
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Did you know that Rob Radez, Don Burnette, Baat Enosh and Alan Lo posted a new AAA Class Indoor Cloud League record score?
posted: Jul 28th, 2014 The Northern California Skydiving League group at iFLY SF Bay shocked the Indoor Cloud League community when NCSL Director Lori Connor submitted the... (more)
Pro Team defended Finland's national 4-way title by one single point. Jul 27th, 2014

Jul 26th, 2014 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class   Total Avg
1 Pro Team (FI) INT 150 15.0
2 Tigers (FI) INT 149 14.9
3 50 60 (FI) INT 110 11.0
Rank AA Class   Total Avg
1 Fifth Wheel (US) NCSL 55 9.2
Rank A Class   Total Avg
1 Team Puumat (FI) INT 99 12.4
2 Awe-SOME (FI) INT 67 8.4
3 Opossumit (FI) INT 58 7.3
Rank Rookie   Total Avg
1 Last Minute (US) NCSL 22 5.5
2 Makis Sled Dogs (US) NCSL 7 1.8
3 Windmill Factory (US) NCSL 1 0.3

league event date(s) host drop zone
International Meet 26 Aug 2nd, 2014 United Kingdom
Northern Plains Meet 3 Aug 2nd, 2014 Skydive Superior
International Meet 27 Aug 2nd, 2014 France
International Meet 28 Aug 2nd, 2014 Ireland

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Dec 31st, 1969


John McIver
posted: Apr 1st, 2003

John McIver started skydiving in 1987, at the Tilstock Airfield, Sport Parachute Centre. He joined a few mates on a static-line round course. They jumped from a Helio Courier, and John didn't enjoy the first jump due to being really scared. All he remembered was that it was very loud: "The pilot, Robbie Cooper (RIP), was a pretty mad pilot and he was making aggressive turns onto jump run. Luckily for us the instructors were really keen for first timers to carry on progressing through the system." The... (more)

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