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Did you know that the Qatar Tigers keep moving up the leaderboards?
posted: Apr 18th, 2014 The Sun Path Products NSL News covered the traditional amateur duel between Thunder ISR and SportLotto with the story on 14 April 2014.... (more)
Aaron had complete Faith in his Bahrein Army team. Apr 17th, 2014
SDC Rhythm XP can win USPA medals this year. Apr 16th, 2014

Apr 10th, 2014 Total Avg
Rank AAA Class   Total Avg
1 Bad Boys (CZ) WIND 191 19.1
2 CZ Ladies (CZ) WIND 139 13.9
3 Hvezdy (CZ) WIND 137 13.7
Rank AA Class   Total Avg
1 Zoonte (CZ) WIND 151 15.1
2 Soft4way (CZ) WIND 130 13.0
3 Accord (CZ) WIND 117 11.7
Rank A Class   Total Avg
1 HF Chicks (CZ) WIND 263 26.3
2 Impact (CZ) WIND 191 19.1
3 Best of Relative (CZ) WIND 168 16.8
Rank Rookie   Total Avg
1 (CZ) WIND 127 12.7
2 Patari (CZ) WIND 27 2.7

league event date(s) host drop zone
North California Meet 1 Apr 26th, 2014 Bay Area
South California Meet 1 Apr 26th, 2014 Perris Valley
Florida Meet 3 Apr 28th, 2014 iFLY Orlando

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Dec 31st, 1969


Shannon Pilcher
posted: Apr 1st, 2003

Pilcher's individual skydiving story is so closely connected to the story of DeLand Genesis/PD Blue that it is difficult to separate both stories.  And the whole story is almost like a skydiving fairy-tale.  As a skydiver, Pilcher grew up at the Freefall Ranch in Warm Springs, GA.  There he started jumping in 1991.  This is also where the Genesis/PD Blue story begins....  Warm Springs is also teammate Kyle Collins' hometown, as well as the place where Collins and another teammate, Ian Bobo,... (more)

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