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Have you heard that the Hurricane Factory won the 2014 season by 13 points after 72 sequences?
posted: Jan 4th, 2015 The new six sequences for the January competition of the Indoor Cloud League have been posted, and it is time to wrap up the December competition by honoring the best teams and performances of the month. The December leaderboard is actually not complete yet, as iFLY Dallas still has a few videos of last month's Indoor Cloud League event that will be added later. However, it will be too late to make it to the "Best Of December" video. The Bad Boys brought in once again the highscores for the AAA and AA Class sequences at the Hurricane Factory.... (more)

Have you heard that French coach Marin Ferre goes back to 4-way Open Class work?
posted: Jan 3rd, 2015 The Sun Path Products NSL News explained on 24 December 2014 why France can expect a very interesting race between the two national 4-way teams in the next two years. The new Open Class lineup (Laurence Herve, Damien Gouriou, Charles Rommel, Kevin Mansion) and the new French Girls (Christine Malnis, Sophia Pecout, Clementine Le Bohec, Anais Maillet) have probably a very similar starting point for the new 2-year cycle with their current scoring averages. The internal race is different than the external one where the starting... (more)

Have you heard that the Indoor Cloud League competition for December heated up at the end?
posted: Jan 2nd, 2015 The Indoor Cloud League competition for December is coming to its end with momentum. Hurricane Factory (Czech Republic) and iFLY Orlando (Florida Skydiving League) have been sitting on their totals for a while, and nothing will change on the top of the leaderboard. iFLY Seattle (Northwest Skydiving League) and iFLY SF Bay (Northern California Skydiving League) submitted videos and scores at the very end of the month. Only the scores from iFLY Dallas are still missing. iFLY... (more)

Have you heard that AARspeed was the only team with four 4-way world champions in the lineup?
posted: Jan 1st, 2015 The Arizona Airspeed US and world champions of earlier days usually get back together at the USPA Nationals when it is time for 8-way competition. Then they join forces with the current 4-way lineup and win silver or gold in 8-way, plus additional medals in 10-way and 16-way. Often they arrive earlier and use the 4-way competition to warm up for their 8-way meet jumps in different lineups. Once in a while, they also get back together in 4-way with Airspeed members of different generations, and then they become competitive without any training. Three members of the first and original Airspeed... (more)

Have you heard that the Bad Boys are the competition team of the year 2014?
posted: Dec 31st, 2014 The team page of the Bad Boys is a very unique one in the history of Formation Skydiving competition, at least for as long as the Sun Path Products NSL News has had information and data in the archives. The Czech national 4-way team has attended 14 competitions this year, not counting the events of the Indoor Cloud League. This is by far the highest number of meets that any team has recorded so far. Teams in the Czech Republic completed their second indoor competition of the 2014/2015 winter season on December 18th at the Hurricane Factory... (more)

Have you heard that Jim Rees joins Dallas 350 for the 2015 season?
posted: Dec 30th, 2014 The Sun Path Products NSL News reported the exciting battle for this year's USPA Advanced Class gold medals with the story on 14 October 2014. The same story mentioned that the Dallas 350 road to the gold medals began earlier. Ron Hill, Lucas King and Scott Levy connected first in 8-way, with the Dallas teams Rogue and Fusion. Then they formed Dallas 350 for the 2013 season, and Solly Williams filled an open slot at the USPA Nationals. The 5th place For Dallas 350 in 2013 turned into the 1st place this year, with exactly... (more)

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