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Did you know that Florida added 24 Indoor Cloud League points to the iFLY Orlando April account?
posted: May 1st, 2014 The active part of the Indoor Cloud League April competition is over, while the aftermath with processing the videos and judging is still in the works for some of the groups. The leaderboard will still grow in the following days. The Florida Skydiving League group gathered at the beginning of the week for the second time in April at iFLY Orlando and tried to improve the earlier scores that were posted after the April 10 meeting. It was a very successful effort, as Florida added 24 points to the total for April. The lineups in four of the... (more)

Did you know that the NCSL Rookie Class teams experimented with lineups and slots?
posted: Apr 30th, 2014 It's a fact now - the Northern California Skydiving League is back. The Sun Path Products NSL News reported last year that plans were in the works to bring back 4way competition on a regular basis to the league that began their first activities in 2000. League director Lori Connor prepared her 4way community for the 2014 outdoor season with the Indoor Cloud League events at iFLY SF Bay throughout the winter. The story on 18... (more)

Did you know that former videographers and freeflyers are now making a competition career with XP8?
posted: Apr 30th, 2014 The Sun Path Products NSL News paid special attention to the impressive 8way performance of the international Volevobusa lineup at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2014 with the story on 8 April 2014. An earlier 8way summary on 6 March 2014 explained how impressive the scores of all 8way top teams were, especially the two US teams on the very top of the leaderboard, Golden Knights... (more)

Did you know that Savolo is Voodoo's 4way successor for South Africa?
posted: Apr 28th, 2014 The Sun Path Products NSL News reported on 17 March 2014 that South Africa has to look for a new national 4way team, as Voodoo will not represent the country any longer after 15 years on the international 4way stage. The selection is now in full swing in South Africa where five teams compete for the national 4way title and the trip to the world meet in the Czech Republic in August. There is not much opposition for Savolo (Bailey Edmunds, Jnr, Alex Jordaan, Amy Kirtland, Andre van Heerden) who are far ahead of the other four... (more)

Did you know that 4way competition on US Open Class top level has become a 3-team affair?
posted: Apr 27th, 2014 Earlier updates by the Sun Path Products NSL News after major events have usually included evaluations of the best US teams on the top of the leaderboard, where Arizona Airspeed has been holding the number one position since 2007. There have been several attempts of other US teams to de-throne the Arizona Airspeed world champions of 2008 and 2012, which have all failed ever since. Team Fastrax discontinued their Airspeed challenge after the USPA Nationals 2007. The Golden Knights dropped their 4way pursuit and focused on 8way in 2009. Perris Fury was done after the USPA Nationals 2011, and Paraclete... (more)

Did you know that 8way pickup team Voltevobusa had a wealth of 8way experience available?
posted: Apr 25th, 2014 The Sun Path Products NSL News is going back once again to the 8way competition at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2014. It was necessary to correct a mistake that was recently brought up to the editor's attention. One of the 8way videos embedded in the story on 6 March 2014 did not really fit to the topic. The ten 8way rounds of the Golden Knights were supposed to be on the screen, while a US Army 4way lineup of many years ago was performing... (more)

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