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Did you know that last weekend's AA Class scores provide 2014 insights?
posted: Jun 26th, 2014 The AA Class teams had their strong appearance last weekend, after the A Class teams dominated the overall leaderboard on the prior meet weekend. 12 teams posted scores at four different meet locations. The results of the teams in the first three places provided a very good insight at this very early point in time of what can be expected at this year's USPA Nationals in the Intermediate Class competition. The same three teams had also competed at the USPA Nationals 2013 where they did not finish close to the top of this category's leaderboard. However, this will will most likely be different... (more)

Did you know that Spaceland Lite broke up for the Texas Shootout 2014?
posted: Jun 25th, 2014 Texas 4-way competitors enjoyed a fun mixed meet at Skydive Spaceland on June 21, hosted by long-term Open Class 4-way team Spaceland Lite. Now in its fourth year, the Texas Shootout has always been a typical 4-way meet. Teams sign up for the event and play. This year, however, Lite had a lot of interest in participating from several jumpers who had attended their tunnel camps, but weren't yet on teams. Spaceland Lite decided to break up for a day to form player-coach pickup teams. Results were four pickup teams, three of them with Lite player-coaches. "It's important for Lite to support... (more)

Did you know that teams from Slovenia joined the international NSL Network?
posted: Jun 24th, 2014 The Sun Path Products NSL News reported on 7 September 2013 how teams from Austria and Slovenia joined forces to hold their respective national championships. It was the second time that the Slovenian team Vesce was mentioned in a news update. The new team appeared for the first time on the NSL leaderboard when Vesce competed at the July meet of the Czech Republic Skydiving League. Vesce then also competed later in August at the World Cup 2013 in Banja... (more)

Did you know that several participants in the Northwest had their best skydiving day ever?
posted: Jun 23rd, 2014 Summer in the Northwest doesn't officially start until after July 4, so it is a very rare situation when a scheduled June meet actually happens. The last time it happened was in 2005. This year was a wonderful surprise when Northwest Skydiving League teams and competitors woke up to clear, blue skies, no fog, and pleasant temperatures. The first load was on the plane at 9am, and every team was easily able to complete six rounds, with JOES completing eight. Skydive Snohomish has two landing areas, and the one for less experienced jumpers requires a bus ride back. JOES are able to land directly at... (more)

Did you know that DeLand Aurai was Florida's biggest scorer last Thursday at iFLY Orlando?
posted: Jun 22nd, 2014 The Northern California Skydiving League group at iFLY SF Bay was the first one posting scores for the six sequences of the Indoor Cloud League competition in June, as the Sun Path Products NSL News reported on 13 June 2014. Teams and competitors of the Florida Skydiving League came together at iFLY Orlando last Thursday to follow up with their first scores of the month. Florida had once again a slow start and is currently 18 points behind Northern California. Northern... (more)

Did you know that last weekend's A Class teams had an outstanding meet?
posted: Jun 20th, 2014 The situation on last weekend's overall leaderboard for the A Class was completely different after the adjustments, compared to the AAA and AA Class. The competition was as tight as it was in the AA Class, from top to bottom. However, there was one major difference. Only two teams had switched their ranking positions in the AAA Class after counting the total number of points after six rounds, as yesterday's review of last weekend's competition explained. Two other teams also switched their spots on the adjusted AA Class leaderboard. The A Class leaderboard changed dramatically after the adjustments.... (more)

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