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Did you know that James "Malibu" Klinge has won six consecutive times at SkyVenture New Hampshire?
posted: Feb 2nd, 2014 The storyline of the Sun Path Products NSL News switches back to indoor competition and the Indoor Skyfest at SkyVenture New Hampshire that was held for the 6th time on the last January weekend. The annual duel between Shmeland and Minimal Compliance had received earlier attention on 26 January 2014 when members of both teams went surfing on Sunday morning. Now it is time to catch up with the athletic performance of both teams, and the new story includes... (more)

Did you know that Thunder won serious prize money for the first time?
posted: Jan 29th, 2014 The first showdown this year between Arizona Airspeed and NMP-PCH Hayabusa almost overshadowed all the other interesting aspects of the Wind Games 2014. The Sun Path Products NSL News still covered a few additional interesting topics, such as the colorful international EXL3Maubeuge lineup on 21 January 2014 and the Aerodyne French Girls on 24 January 2014. The team in 3rd place, Thunder,... (more)

Did you know that the Czech teams are pushing the Skydive Arena to the top of the Indoor Cloud League?
posted: Jan 28th, 2014 The 4way teams in the Czech Republic have probably the busiest meet schedule of all teams and competitors in the world of Formation Skydiving competition, and they cannot get enough of it, as it seems. The Sun Path Products NSL News publishes regular updates from the Czech Republic since Jan Klapka provides activities for his 4way following all the time. There is no painful winter break for the passionate 4way fans after the outdoor season in the summer, with indoor meets and Indoor Cloud League events taking place on a regular basis at the... (more)

Did you know that Shmeland Compliance went surfing on Sunday?
posted: Jan 26th, 2014 The annual AAA Class duel between Shmeland and Minimal Compliance at the Indoor Skyfest at SkyVenture New Hampshire was not over after the ten rounds of competition on Saturday. Minimal Compliance member and meet director Ben Liston also invited his team mates and opponents to go surfing on Sunday morning. It was difficult for him to motivate the 4way top competitors who had not ended the meet day after the award ceremony. The celebration had continued for a while in the hotel bar, and the energy for new activities... (more)

Did you know that Ben Liston has to try again next year in New Hampshire?
posted: Jan 25th, 2014 The headline sounds familiar. The annual Indoor Skyfest at SkyVenture New Hampshire is over. All ten competition rounds were completed by all 28 teams in the four competition categories on Saturday. VFS 2way teams and Freeflyers will have their turn on Sunday. The latest showdown between defending AAA Class champion Shmeland and Minimal Compliance ended up exactly as it did last year. Shmeland won by two points after a rollercoaster competition. Both... (more)

Did you know that the 2014 starting point is set for the Aerodyne French Girls?
posted: Jan 24th, 2014 The first scores of the Aerodyne French Girls came from the Wind Games 2014, as well. The Sun Path Products NSL News published a preview of this year's competition in the female 4way category on 8 January 2014 and followed up after the first six rounds in Empuriabrava on 17 January 2014. The scores after ten rounds have confirmed the French top position at the moment, while Kaizen... (more)

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