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Did you know that the judges had a "soft acquisition" for the first Fun Flag possession in history?
posted: Aug 30th, 2014 The FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014 has arrived at the last day of competition. The weather situation is critical and not very stabil, while there are a few more rounds to be completed. The FAI Jury accepted a requst by the host in Prostejov to extend the schedule by an hour to possibly complete all competition rounds. It has become a race against the time. The weather cooperated well in the earlier hours of the morning, and there is a good chance for the completion of the meet. It's time... (more)

Did you know that the Golden Knights protest was declined by the jury?
posted: Aug 29th, 2014 The Sun Path Products NSL News mentioned yesterday that the Golden Knights story of Round 4 in 8-way at the FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014 was not over yet. The US delegation filed an official protest to the FAI Jury and requested a re-jump for Round 4. It turned out to become a great opportunity to study and learn more about a protest in Formation Skydiving competition. The Sun Path Products NSL News collected feedback from participants and officials and tried to present the subject from as many... (more)

Did you know that Round 4 in 8-way had a dramatic ending - or not?
posted: Aug 28th, 2014 Thursday afternoon brought the 8-way and VFS 4-way competition to the FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014. The teams completed five rounds and made up for the rainy days. The 4-way Open Class and 4-way Women teams will be next to get in as many rounds as possible on Friday morning. Round 4 in 8-way generated a dramatic story - but no world record. The Sun Path Products NSL News followed the Golden Knights from landing after Round 3 to the take-off for Round 4 and waited for the team in the landing... (more)

Did you know that Russian 8-way world champions of 2003 are back together in 4-way?
posted: Aug 25th, 2014 It is only a few hours away from the competition draw for the FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014 in Prostejov, Czech Republic. The teams are done with the last training jumps, and the next time the planes get in the air it will be for the scoring points. There have been quite a few changes in the lineups, and the Sun Path Products NSL News can cover at least a few of them. The new lineup of the Austrian national team was mentioned earlier and is competing under the name Final Edition. Vision 99 is... (more)

Did you know that Evolution's VFS 4way lineup gets help from former Nexus member Jason Russell?
posted: Mar 24th, 2014 The Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championship 2014 included several other events, including a VFS 4way competition. The Sun Path Products NSL News reported earlier that Evolution would compete once again in both 4way events and experience the pressure of the double duties. The competition at the Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship 2014 brought pressure by the tight schedule... (more)

Did you know that SkyVenture Montreal launches the 2014 indoor championships tomorrow?
posted: Mar 21st, 2014 SkyVenture Montreal has been putting aside the activities of the Indoor Cloud League for a while due to the preparations for the Canadian Indoor Skydiving Championship 2014. Team Phoenix, one of the many female 4way lineups in Canada (Mélanie L-Guérin, Jennyfer Caron, Monika Wittmer, Karina Dallaire), still quickly posted a 27-pointer for the AAA Class sequence as the first ICL number for SkyVenture Montreal this month. Phoenix now has to master the complete... (more)

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