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Did you know that Richard and Yannick Bisson scored for iFLY Orlando last week?
posted: Apr 13th, 2015 The April competition of the Indoor Cloud League began with the first scores coming from SkyVenture New Hampshire, where Brian Touhey recruited Colleen Cusack, Jill Lavachia and Jenn Cook to perform the AAA - AA - A Class sequences. iFLY Orlando followed up last week when teams and competitors of the Florida Skydiving League came together for the first time this month. Actually, last Thursday's group did not consist only of participants from Florida. The Bisson family was visiting again from Canada, and Florida's Indoor Cloud League group... (more)

Did you know that ten teams shared the six Indoor Cloud League highscores for March?
posted: Apr 9th, 2015 The Indoor Cloud League leaderboard for March has been complete for a while, and it is time to honor the best performances with the BEST OF THE MONTH video. It was the most competitive month in the young ICL history. Teams tied their best scores in three different categories (AA - RRR - RR), and the 22-pointer highscore for the AA Class sequence was shared between Hurricane Factory, iFLY Dallas and SkyVenture Montreal. It is no big surprise that the three 22-pointers in the AA Class were posted by three trained teams. The Hurricane Factory... (more)

Did you know that the Northwest Skydiving League keeps building 4-way momentum at iFLY Seattle?
posted: Mar 31st, 2015 The group of Czech teams was the first one this month to post scores and videos for the six Indoor Cloud League sequences, and the Hurricane Factory is still holding on quite easily to the top spot, while four of the Czech teams are getting ready for the World Challenge 2015. Northwest Skydiving League director Deb Correia provided the latest ICL scores after her March event at iFLY Seattle. She said that several of her regular player coaches were not available... (more)

Did you know that iFLY Orlando added ten points to the Indoor Cloud League account last night?
posted: Mar 27th, 2015 Lori Connor submitted the first Indoor Cloud League March videos from iFLY SF Bay earlier this week, and her Northern California Skydiving League group was one single point behind Florida's ICL team at iFLY Orlando. The Florida group went back to iFLY Orlando last night and was able to add ten points to the ICL account. The distance to iFLY SF Bay is 11 points now, while the Czech teams in the Hurricane Factory are still far ahead in 1st place for the March sequences. The Florida group had work to do in the A Class, where the first meeting... (more)

Did you know that Jan Klapka picked the best of 21 sequences for the Indoor Cloud League March results?
posted: Mar 25th, 2015 iFLY SF Bay and Hurricane Factory have submitted their first Indoor Cloud League videos and scores for the month of March, and the Czech teams are far ahead of indoor competitors in Florida and Northern California. Four different Czech teams have posted the highest scores so far for five of the six monthly sequences. Bad Boyz (AAA), HF Chicks (AA), PB Fire (A) and Flying Circus (RRR) are currently winning the internal Czech race to make it to the ICL leaderboard. Mimozemky added the two highscores for the RR and R Class sequences. Bad... (more)

Did you know that John Kretzschmer was the biggest Indoor Cloud League scorer for iFLY Orlando last Thursday?
posted: Mar 16th, 2015 Florida's Indoor Cloud League group did not get any help from the Golden Knights or any other top team at iFLY Orlando this month. There were more than enough 4-way top competitors nearby for the Paraclete XP Outdoor Championship 2015, including the Golden Knights, and the weather situation on Friday and Saturday would have offered enough opportunities for a quick trip to Orlando. However, the US top teams and the visitors from other countries were focused on... (more)

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