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Did you know that Lori Connor is the Skydiver of the Year 2014?
posted: Feb 24th, 2015 The Northern California Skydiving League had a successful comeback last year and has exciting plans for the 2015 season, as the Sun Path Products NSL News reported on 17 November 2014. NCSL Director Lori Connor had begun with her preparations for the league's comeback in the summer of 2013, and the first update was posted on 24 July 2013. It did not take very long until she also began to organize her own... (more)

Did you know that R4 had another reunion at the NCSL October meet?
posted: Oct 29th, 2014 The Sun Path Products NSL News covered the last outdoor competition of the Florida Skydiving League on 23 October 2014 and mentioned that the Northern California Skydiving League concluded the 2014 season on the same weekend. The Florida story featured the impressive scoring progression of AA Class team Zhills TranZend after the six meets this year. NCSL team Safeish competed in Lodi on the same weekend in the same category and also finished with the team's best meet average of the 2014 season. Counterpoint FX and High Anxiety... (more)

Did you know that Dirty Low and Counterpoint FX pushed each other to new highscores and team record averages?
posted: Jul 30th, 2014 The Northern California Skydiving League returned to Skydance Skydiving for its fourth meet of the 2014 outdoor season. Seven teams came out to jump on a beautiful and very warm summer day in Davis, CA. The weather was perfect, and the teams got to jumping as early as possible to beat the heat. Meet coach Samer Haija stayed cool on the ground helping teams engineer and dirt dive, while judge Sharon Hawkins enjoyed the comfort of the air-conditioned judging station. The Rookie class had three teams, including NCSL regulars Last Minute, who competed with substitute Brian Naiman last weekend,... (more)

Did you know that Rob Radez, Don Burnette, Baat Enosh and Alan Lo posted a new AAA Class Indoor Cloud League record score?
posted: Jul 28th, 2014 The Northern California Skydiving League group at iFLY SF Bay shocked the Indoor Cloud League community when NCSL Director Lori Connor submitted the videos of the latest NCSL Tunnel Kicker, which was held before the outdoor competition last weekend. The 33-pointer for the AAA Class sequence (L,C,6,9) left the other AAA Class lineups simply in the dust and was the major contribution to the iFLY SF Bay account for the month of July. iFLY SF Bay is currently in 1st place, one point ahead of the Florida Skydiving League group at iFLY Orlando. The... (more)

Did you know that the Northern California Skydiving League added a top contender to the AA Class rankings?
posted: Jul 1st, 2014 The Sun Path Products NSL News reported on 26 June 2014 that the AA Class scores of the June 21 weekend provided a preview of this year's competition at the USPA Nationals in the AA/Intermediate Class. It took only one week until the next AA Class team posted a 2-digit meet average, which indicates medal contention at the national championships. The Northern California Skydiving League completed its third meet this year last weekend, and Team Singularity finished with a 10.8... (more)

Did you know that former Rhythm videographer Jason Imamura took some special shots for the Northern California Skydiving League?
posted: May 27th, 2014 The Northern California Skydiving League (NCSL) continued its resurgence on Saturday May 24 with its second meet of the 2014 season at Skydance Skydiving. Though the day dawned warm and sunny, Mother Nature toyed with the teams a bit with moderately high, gusty winds, which eventually calmed down enough for everyone’s comfort, and the seven teams across three classes were easily able to complete their competition jumps by late afternoon. Meet Director Krisanne Combs didn’t have to make the call to put all the competitors on a wind... (more)

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