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Did you know that the number of US Rookie Class teams has more than doubled since June?
posted: Aug 26th, 2014 The weather is not cooperating yet at the FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014, and the teams have been on the ground all day long on Tuesday, released for most of the day and on stand-by in the afternoon. It offers the Sun Path Products NSL News the opportunity to cover other activities in the 4-way world, and the Rookie Class teams have their turn once again. The story on 29 May 2014 mentioned how well the Rookie Class teams have been... (more)

Did you know that the Southern Skydiving League creeper competition was fun and confidential?
posted: Jul 26th, 2014 Creeper competitions have been around at event sites as long as 4-way teams and competitors have been using the training tools to prepare better for training and competition jumps. Of course, they only take place when the weather does not allow any jumping from planes. Usually, it also takes a while until all hope for any competition round is gone, and all other activity options have been exhausted. Then, the announcement of a creeper competition often re-initiates energy and excitement levels. The Sun Path Products NSL News reported a creeper competition on 21... (more)

Did you know that a Rookie Class competitor recently had a busy travel agenda?
posted: Jun 5th, 2014 The scores of the first meet of the new Southern Skydiving League are still on the front page and will soon be replaced with new scores from France and Germany this weekend. The Sun Path Products NSL News uses the opportunity to introduce the new SSL teams and competitors with a follow up story and more videos. SSL Director Brandy Verhalen provided another clip that shows the posting of the final scores in the AA Class, where Mokzi and Platinum VE fought a 6-round battle that ended with a 1-point difference. The video shows meet judge... (more)

Did you know that the new Southern Skydiving League added three more Rookie Class teams to 4way competition?
posted: Jun 3rd, 2014 It was less than a week ago, on 29 May 2014, that the Sun Path Products NSL News reported the momentum of Rookie Class teams in the USA. It took only a few more days until three more US teams entered the 4way competition world in this category. In fact, it was also a new league in the NSL Network that generated those three Rookie Class teams last weekend. Brandy Verhalen has launched the Southern Skydiving League, which includes hosts in Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi, and she had a very successful first meet. It... (more)

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