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Did You Know...

... that Z-Hills Rookie Class team Zeus completed their first 4way formations today?

    Working for the PD Project Orange: Norman Kent, here with Caroline Layne
posted Oct 19th, 2013 - The 2013 outdoor season is still not over yet. New scores came from Skydive City this weekend where six teams attended the last Florida Skydiving League meets of the 2013 season before the very last 4way competition will be held at SkyQuest 2013.

Two FSL teams competed with each other in each of the three applied categories, and the weather situation made it difficult to keep all teams in synch with the number of rounds. Skydive City was also hosting the new Performance Designs Project Orange event at the same time, which combines coaching and event organizing for Canopy Piloting, Accuracy and Canopy Relative Work.

The atmosphere at Skydive City was similar to the first SkyQuest Florida events at Fantasy of Flight, where several similar activities were happening at the same time. Only the bigways were missing this weekend in Z-Hills.
October 19th, 2013Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5TotalAvg
RankAA Class20,M,BK,21,O15,7J,H,13F,D,4TotalAvg
1Keey It (US)101187 7 438.6
2Teiwaz AA (US)9727 -256.3
RankA ClassM,B,OK,217,AJ,H,6F,D,4TotalAvg
1Zunday (US)1981112 -5012.5
2Pyro4ic (US)1287--279.0
1Zeus (US)3145 -133.3
24nicatorZ (US)415--103.3
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Rookie Class team Zeus with Bob Byrne    
New local Rookie Class team Zeus was catching most of the Sun Path Products NSL News attention at Skydive City. James Hopkins, Amer Kassa and Ryan Taylor have between 50 and 150 jumps total and have recently been trying to complete their own 4way lineup.

They had not found the 4th Zeus member in time for the FSL competition and decided to invite player coach Bob Byrne to complete the lineup for the event. Joe Videc was filming Zeus at Skydive City.

Bob Byrne reported that the team members explained to him that they had not completed a 4way formation successfully before Round 1 on Saturday. That changed quickly, and Zeus ended up with a 5-pointer from the Cessna Caravan in Round 4 as the highest score for the meet and the skydiving careers of the three team members. Bob Byrne said that the 3way was hungry for information and applied any advice with great results. Some of the local teams may add more rounds on Sunday.

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