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Did You Know...

... that former Zunday member Sebastian Jimenez scored the AAA Class 22-pointer at iFLY Orlando?

    Aurai DeLand with coach Robert Chromy
posted Feb 13th, 2014 - The core group of the 4way community in Florida gathered once again at iFLY Orlando on Monday this week to train and meet new teams and potential competitors. As usually, the six new February sequences of the Indoor Cloud League competition were also a part of the event.

The Sun Path Products NSL News reported after the last Florida Skydiving League session at iFLY Orlando on 30 January 2014 that a new team was born that night. Aurai DeLand came back this week and contributed a 10-pointer for the Rookie A Class sequence to the iFLY Orlando account.

Another new team trained and competed with three of the members. Zhills TranZend has Erica Gorski, Grant Underland and Rebecca Stares in the lineup, who spent the tunnel night with player coach Gilles Dutrisac. They added a total of 40 points (20 - 20) for the A Class and Rookie AAA Class sequences.

February 2014AAA ClassAA ClassA ClassRookie AAARookie AARookie ATotal
1iFLY Orlando (US)2222202020(-2)10114
2Skydive Arena (CZ)-------
2iFLY Seattle (US)-------
2iFLY SF Bay (US)-------
2SkyVenture New Hampshire (US)-------
2SkyVenture Montreal (CA)-------
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Zhills TranZend with Gilles Dutrisac    
Team ZEUS, who had to leave the Rookie A Class behind after the 42-pointer in December 2013, took on the Rookie AA Class sequence for the second time. James Hopkins, Ryan Taylor, John Stares and Amer Kassas did not make it on the January leaderboard for Florida and iFLY Orlando. This time, the 20-pointer is a ZEUS score.

There is no doubt that Aurai DeLand and ZEUS both will come up with higher numbers later this month. However, the current total of 114 points is a good start for the month of February.

The star of the iFLY Orlando night was training and competing in a different category though. Sebastian Jimenez is a former Zunday member, who discontinued with the team from Skydive City at the end of the 2013 season to take a break and work on his individual skills. Zunday (Keith Murray, Gary Fox, Jon Agar) is looking for a new team member, and the 2012 and 2013 lineup still meets at the ICL events.BORDER=0 height=57 width=630

    Sebastian Jimenez (top) in the AAA Class lineup
Zunday with the original lineup competed with the three Zhills TranZend members and Gilles Dutrisac for the numbers on the leaderboard in the A Class and Rookie AAA Class and finished only a few points behind in both categories.

However, Sebastian Jimenez also came back later that night with Florida's AAA Class lineup where he flew the Point slot that he had with Zunday. Block 11 (Photon - Photon) was completely new to him, and he had two sessions with Robert Chromy, Gilles Dutrisac and Kurt Gaebel to learn the technique.

The 12-foot flying chamber at iFLY Orlando barely allows a team to perform Block 11 and several other AAA Class blocks. Sebastian Jimenez mastered the step from the A Class to the AAA Class very well and matched the pace of the three 4way veterans easily. Slot switchers are next...

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