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Did You Know...

... that Aaron had complete Faith in his Bahrein Army team?

    Aaron Faith with Satori at the Mondial Dubai 2012
posted Apr 17th, 2014 - Aaron Faith attended his last competition with Satori at the Mondial Dubai 2012. He was serving in the British military before he moved to Bahrein to run his own coaching operation. Satori continued with a reduced training and competition schedule, and Steve Hamilton filled the open slot to win the UK Nationals 2013.

Satori's former Tail had connected with the military forces in Bahrein during his own service time and began coaching 4way there, while Satori continued with the Satori Academy project in the United Kingdom. Aaron Faith recently came back to his homeland, and he brought a team from Bahrein to attend the World Challenge 2014 for the first time.

The 4way team from Bahrein did not only attend the indoor meet. Bahrein won the A Class competition with an impressive 20.3 aerage, and Aaron Faith provided the Sun Path Products NSL News with more information about his team project.
World Challenge 2014Rd. 1Rd. 2Rd. 3Rd. 4Rd. 5Rd. 6Rd. 7Rd. 8Rd. 9Rd. 10TotalAvg
RankA Class2,21G,H,QB,L,MK,O,PC,8A,J,6D,F,NE,47,919,21TotalAvg
1Bahrain (BH)1321322717173017171220320.3
2Fire Coopers (CZ)1119332412182216191318718.7
3Equinox (LT)1025292413172415171118518.5
4Sardegna (IT)1116252316172414171317617.6
5ChatterChicks (UK)1220272312122414181217417.4
6Fr4gment (UK)1116251912142014171115915.9
7Bodyflight Fly Wild (UK)111524219152211141115315.3
8Funzies (DK)101820159101915151114214.2
9Hard Corps (INT)1011211512141612141013513.5
10Wind Shear (IE)9151918711201213913313.3
10AirRush (DK)10181817991812121013313.3
12Satori Red (UK)9131715711191313912612.6
13Bodyflight Black Majick (UK)7151515911151112911911.9
14Marshmallows (IT)8111615101115913811611.6
15Team Meteor (UK)791415101216119811111.1
16Jew Over Cuckoos Nest (UK)8101510912141011910810.8
17Vortex (UK)6915131111121012810710.7
18Tail Spin (IE)791212811149116999.9
19Man Flew (IE)85121161097117868.6

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Aaron Faith with Satori at the Mondial Dubai 2012    
The Bahrain Army team was primarily an Accuracy team before Aaron Faith arrived in Bahrein. They have attended the military world championships (CISM) each year and scored around a 6-point average in the CISM program.

Aaron Faith said that the team goal was to improve the average to a level where they would make the cut at the end of the competition, so they could complete all ten CISM rounds. The goal was accomplished at the last CISM event when Bahrein posted a new 11.5 record average. It was a serious achievement for the team, as they used to make only six training jumps per week in 4way.

The Bahrein Army team then made plans for the World Challenge 2014, which included a mini camp prior to the competition. Aaron Faith said that he spent a week with the team walking and creeping the four new blocks, so the team could compete in the A Class at Bodyflight Bedford.

    Bahrein Army team training at Bodyflight Bedford
Coach Aaron Faith was still surprised with the team's performance at the World Challenge 2014: "I had complete faith that the team would perform well, but even so they impressed me."

He also enjoys his work with the current team members: "They are an extremely likeable bunch of characters and work very well together. They have the perfect level of calmness for competition, yet are highly motivated. This is what makes them special in my eyes."

He said that he needed 20 years working on those mental skills to improve his own performance, while the Bahrein team members are naturally already there. He has learned by living and working in Bahrein that the Bahraini people are very friendly and hospitable, but there is also the athletic side: "What might not be obvious is that they are also very competitive."

4way competition in the Middle East    
The other 18 A Class teams at the World Challenge 2014 were facing the competitive skills and attitude of the Bahrein Army team. Fire Coopers from the Czech Republic and Equinox from Lithuania gave the A Class winner a good competition but had to accept 2nd and 3rd place at the end.

Aaron Faith said that Bahrein is becoming a part of the strongly growing 4way competition presence in the Middle East that the Sun Path Products NSL News mentioned in TURNING POINTS for BLUE SKIES MAG on 11 February 2014:

"jumping in Bahrain is getting more frequent, and the Bahrain Army is supporting the training of the team with time in the wind tunnel at Bedford and Dubai. They also have plans for a 16ft tunnel to be built in Bahrain in the very near future. Competitive teams from the Middle East have already made their mark - but watch this space...!"

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