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Did You Know...

... that a Rookie Class competitor recently had a busy travel agenda?

    SSL judge Joseph Wood
posted Jun 5th, 2014 - The scores of the first meet of the new Southern Skydiving League are still on the front page and will soon be replaced with new scores from France and Germany this weekend.

The Sun Path Products NSL News uses the opportunity to introduce the new SSL teams and competitors with a follow up story and more videos. SSL Director Brandy Verhalen provided another clip that shows the posting of the final scores in the AA Class, where Mokzi and Platinum VE fought a 6-round battle that ended with a 1-point difference.

The video shows meet judge Joseph Wood announcing and explaining the final scores, while the two teams are waiting for the numbers that would decide the meet. The second video features the Rookie Class winner at Skydive Alabama, Instructions Not Included.
SSL - May 31st, 2014Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6TotalAvg
RankAA ClassE,7,M11,J,4B,H,1921,L,118,A,6G,20,QTotalAvg
1Mokzi (US)836776376.2
2Platinum VE (US)1157454366.0
1Instructions Not Included (US)587638376.2
2Gear Check (US)245316213.5
3Night Moves (US)21010040.7

Vanessa Meyer: First in the Midwest Skydiving League...    
Instructions Not Included did not only win the SSL season opener in the Rookie Class. The team also took the 2nd place of the current overall US rankings of the year in this category with the 6.2 meet average, as the previous meet story explained.

A closer look at the Rookie Class rankings revealed an interesting situation. One team member of Instructions Not Included appears two times on the same leaderboard.

Center Inside Vanessa Meyer had also competed in the same slot a week earlier at the season opener of the Midwest Skydiving League where her Hair Force battled with the Cameltoes in the Rookie Class.BORDER=0 height=64 width=630
RankTeamLeagueAveragesBest 3
1DeLand 3D (US)FSL8.38.3
2Instructions Not Included (US)SSL6.26.2
3Carolina McThuggetz (US)CASL5.35.3
4DeLand Aurai (US)FSL4.84.8
5Gear Check (US)SSL3.53.5
5Last Minute (US)NCSL2.5 - 4.53.5
7Lady Helicopter (US)NCSL2.32.3
8We Are Easy (US)NPSL2.22.2
9The FoxeZ (US)FSL1.81.8
10Team Ron (US)NCSL1.31.3
11Grippin Donuts (US)NPSL1.21.2
11Hair Force (US)MWSL1.21.2
11Not Yet (US)NPSL1.21.2
14Dock Dock Goose (us)CASL0.70.7
14Night Moves (US)SSL0.70.7
14Cameltoes (US)MWSL0.70.7
14Funnel Cake (US)NPSL0.70.7
143Ring Circus (US)NPSL0.70.7
19Team Alex (US)NCSL0.00.0

    ...then in the Southern Skydiving League
It was a nice warmup meet for Vanessa Meyer who then traveled from Skydive Midwest in Wisconsin to Alabama for the next meet on the following weekend.

She must have brought helpful knowledge and experiences from her first MWSL meet, where SDC Rhythm XP members JaNette Lefkowitz and Mikhail Markine helped the teams with their coaching, judging and instructions. Her second Rookie Class lineup won the SSL meet without much trouble, as well.

It must have been a fun and busy Rookie Class journey for Vanessa Meyer, and she is now in 2nd place of the overall US rankings with Instructions Not Included and in 11th place with Hair Force at the same time. Her travel plans for the remainder of the 2014 season are not known yet...

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