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Did You Know...

... that the ESL Spirit went to the Netherlands this year?

    ISB Air Remscheid and Martial Ferre at SkyQuest Germany 2012
posted Sep 19th, 2005 - Great news came from France for the participants of the inaugural SkyQuest Germany 2012. French 8way world champion and bigway expert Martial Ferre has confirmed his trip to Magdeburg in a few weeks and will offer his outstanding organizing services to all skydivers who are interested in high quality bigways at the event.

Martial Ferre visited Germany earlier this summer to organize 16ways and 32ways in Saarlouis, home of the German national 4way team Paratec-Saar. This time, he will make the trip to the home turf of Germany's female 4way team ISB Air Remscheid in Magdeburg. The top contender for this year's medals in the female 4way category at the World Meet in Dubai will also be available for free coaching and 4way guidance.

Martial Ferre is filling the slot for BJ Worth who is not available after being originally part of the SkyQuest Germany 2012 plan. The French Formation Skydiving celebrity and world champion will offer the German and European bigway fans challenging skydives beginning on August 23rd.

ESL Champion 2005: Spa Hayabusa
image by: Mike Pennock
The NSL News briefly covered the European Skydiving League Championship 2005 already earlier, and the scores are still posted at the event page. Additional ESL information can also be found at the ESL website.

The NSL News received more insights from Spa Hayabusa member Roy Janssens, and Mike Pennock from the Netherlands, ESL co-organizer and team videographer for the Dutch team R-Fource, provided photos of the event.

The ESL Championship 2005 was held on September 2-4. The Skydive Center Spa in Belgium hosted the event for the third time. The six participating countries were Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and fielded a total of 28 teams in the three ESL competition classes, which are identical with the NSL AAA, A and Rookie Class.

    4way world champion in 1999: Marin and Martial Ferre
BJ Worth and Martial Ferre have something in common. They are both 8way world champions. BJ Worth launched his skydiving career as a former Mirror Image member, Martial Ferre was a member of the reigning French 8way world champion lineup of 2010.

Martial Ferre actually started as a 4way world champion before he turned to 8way and became a world champion in this event in 2010. He trained and competed with his brother Marin Ferre in the French national 4way lineup of 1997 and 1999 and won the gold medal over Arizona Airspeed in Australia 1999.

He turned to 8way in 2001 after becoming a skydiving professional with a school and a popular French website (, won international 8way gold medals for France for the first time with the new lineup in 2002 and then lost at the World Meet 2003 when France tried to win 4way and 8way gold medals with the same 4way lineup. His brother Marin Ferre competed in 4way while he supported the effort in the 8way lineup. His brother won the 4way gold medals and Russia took the 1st place in 8way.

Dutch team Infinity with the ESL Spirit
image by: Mike Pennock
The hosting dropzone provided two Cesna Caravans for the competition. The draw took place Thursday evening, and the competition started on Friday morning at 9.00 pm. As in the previous years, the European Skydiving League was lucky with the weather once again, and blue skies were over Spa for all three days. The teams were able to finish the 10-round competition already on Saterday afternoon. Roy Janssens reported that the organizers did a perfect job in keeping everybody happy.

Nine teams competed in the AAA Class, and Spa Hayabusa won the meet with a 20.0 average. This is once again a new Belgian record set by the national team.

Roy Janssens commented for his team: "After scoring this year a 19.4 average at the Malevsky Cup and a 19.8 average at the Belgian Nationals, we finished the season with reaching our team goal for this year."

    8way world champion in 2010: Martial Ferre
He was disappointed and took a long break until French national coach Jerome David called him back to 8way action at the end of the 2008 season. France had tried again to win 4way and 8way gold with the same 4way lineup in 2008 and failed on home turf in Maubeuge. Coach Jerome David set new goals and wanted to win both gold medals in 2010, but only with one member in both lineups, Mathieu Bernier.

However, he needed experienced support, and Martial Ferre had been there before. He accepted the slot and the challenge and helped the French delegation to win all Formation Skydiving gold medals in Menzelinsk 2010. The NSL News covered the event comprehensively.

Martial Ferre then focused on his skydiving business, while his brother Marin Ferre continued as the national 4way coach.
Paraclete XP Indoor 2012 Rd. 1 Rd. 2 Rd. 3 Rd. 4 Rd. 5 Rd. 6 Rd. 7 Rd. 8 Rd. 9 Rd. 10 Total Avg
Rank 8way 11,12,1 13,4,F J,G,P,K,8 B,A,Q,15 D,16,19 21,E,17 10,O,3 6,9,M C,18,L,H 22,N,2 Total Avg
1 Golden Knights Gold 33 27 28 38 29 23 28 25 31 27 289 28.9
2 XPX8 27 23 22 29 24 17 25 21 23 24 235 23.5
3 Bonjour Blue Sky 23 21 20 25 20 18 22 19 21 15 204 20.4
4 Paraclete XP8 22 22 18 23 20 15 21 20 18 19 198 19.8

Dutch delegation with the ESL Spirit
image by: Mike Pennock
The second place went to the Dutch team "Project Punky Fish" with a 14.6 average, and the third place was also taken by a team from the Netherlands, Infinity, with a 11.7 meet average. Infinity is the Dutch national team in IPC's Women's Class, which is neither represented in the ESL nor in the NSL.

Teams from the United Kingdom took the whole podium in the A Class (Helix, Damn Zebra, Evolution), and they outscored all teams of the other ESL countries by far. UK teams (Escondido, D4) won the first two places in the Rookie Class, as well. Only the third place was left for a team from the Netherlands (Whooops).

The annual huge ESL party took place at the dropzone after the competition and kept most people busy through the late night hours. The ESL award ceremony was held just before the start of the party on site, and everybody was in a great spirits to celebrate.

The ESL organizers held a planning meeting for all participants on Sunday morning and evaluated the ESL Championship 2005. The ESL management takes the job seriously and tries to find ways how to make the event even better then it already is. The ESL participants approved that the competiton will be held once again in Spa next year.

    Bonjour Blue Sky at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championship 2012
Martial Ferre has also been coaching while he runs his skydiving school, maintains the French website and organizes larger formations at skydiving events. In fact, the NSL News covered one of his French 8way teams this year at the Paraclete XP Indoor Championships 2012.

Bonjour Blue Sky placed 3rd in the 8way indoor competition in February with a 20.4 average. Martial Ferre and Damien Sorlin, 8way team mates in Menzelinsk 2010, are both player coaches for this French 8way lineup.

The player coach team came back to action at the second meet of the Coupe de France in July. This event includes an 8way competition, and six French 8way teams attended the meet in Maubeuge. Bonjour Blue Sky finished on the top, even though Martial Ferre was not available for this meet. Fellow 8way world champion Bruno Perrn replaced him successfully for this meet. Martial Ferre will now bring great quality to the bigway fans at SkyQuest Germany 2012.

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The ESL trophy "Spirit" was won by the Dutch delegation this year. This trophy goes to the country with the highest number of total points of its best three teams in the AAA Class. There were additional prizes for the other teams on the podium.

Roy Janssens finished with the hope that the European Skydiving League and its championship event will attract even more teams in general, and that it will also include more national teams of the participating countries in the future.

Dutch teams and competitors celebrate the ESL Spirit victory
image by: Mike Pennock

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