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FSL Tunnel Kicker
Indoor Training for FSL 4way Fans
Learn about 4way and Indoor Skydiving
24 July 2014: 8:00 PM Pre-Kicker - 10:00 PM Kicker and ICL Competition

FSL and iFLY Tunnel Fans:

The FSL Tunnel Kicker is once again open to all FSL and 4way fans who want to be a part of the FSL/NSL community.

We want you to get as much as possible out of the FSL/iFLY Kickers, and this requires good planning. Your part to help is personal information and the commitment that we both need early enough for good planning - for the indoor events as well as for the outdoor events.

NSL/FSL and iFLY Orlando continue to provide you with free flying time and free planning and coaching once per month. The exact flying times will always be posted early enough at the FSL homepage of the NSL website. Here is the criteria how to qualify for the tunnel time (first come - first serve):

1.) Teams and individuals who competed at the FSL July meet and prepare for the August meet
2.) Teams (3 or 4 members) and individuals who attend the Pre-Kicker
3.) Teams and individuals who are looking for lineups and team members
4.) Skydivers who have not participated in a previous Tunnel Kicker
5.) Everyone else

As the FSL Kickers grow and more people participate, we are now limiting 1-on-1 sessions to accommodate more flyers. There will be a maximum of two slots for 1-on-1 and a person will only be able to do 1-on-1 at her/his first Tunnel Kicker. If you have already done 1-on-1 at a Tunnel Kicker but are not yet ready for 4way, we recommend getting additional coached tunnel time to work on your individual skills.

Please fill out all the information below to register for the tunnel kicker. Providing this information means you will definitely be at the tunnel at least one hour before the flight time. Signing up and not showing up might cause trouble for the future... Everyone must fill out their own, individual registration for each kicker, even if you have registered for previous kickers. Filling out the registration information does not guarantee you a slot for the kicker. Slots will be confirmed a few days before the kicker based on the above criteria.

We look forward to seeing you again soon at iFLY Orlando and then at the FSL/NSL meets.

Please register by e-mail if the registration box below is not available

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I sent my registration information in last month, do I need to send it again?
A. Yes! You must send all the registration information every time you want to participate in the tunnel kicker.

Q. How much time will I fly?
A. This will vary based on the number of participants and if you are working on individual skills or 4way. We will usually try to have each 4way group fly 10-15 minutes. People who need to work individual skills before doing 4way in the tunnel will get around 5 minutes.

Q. Can I fly with my friend if we are not on a "team" together?
A. Yes. Each of you should request the other in your registration.

Q. Who will my coach be?
A. Coaches for the tunnel kicker all volunteer their time so the coaches rotate depending on who is available. We use established Florida coaches and visiting coaches who are in town. You will not know your coach until you arrive at the kicker.

Q. Can I request a specific coach?
A. Requests can be made to work with a specific coach but there is no guarantee we can fulfill the request. We do our best to accomodate everyone.

Q. What time do I need to be at the tunnel?
A. You should be ready to begin briefing 1 hour before the scheduled start time of the kicker. If you have not been to iFLY Orlando before and need to fill out a waiver, you should get there even earlier. If the kicker starts at 8:30pm, you need to be there by 7:30pm at the latest.

Q. How long should I plan to be at the tunnel?
A. The tunnel kickers are 1.5 hours of flight time so you should plan to be there from 1 hour before the kicker starts until the entire kicker is done. We try to have the people who have a longer drive fly earlier so they can leave earlier, but there are no guarantees.

There are no scores yet for the 2009 season. To see scores from previous years go to our archives.

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