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FAI World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014

4way Open
4way Women
4way VFS
8way Open

Currently registered 4-way Open teams: Australia (Rotor Out), Austria, Belgium (NMP-PCH Hayabusa), Canada (Evolution), Czech Republic (Bad Boys), Denmark (VAF Warriors), Estonia, Finland (Tigers), France (Volt'R Maubeuge), Germany (Paratec-Saar), Great Britain, Hungary, Italy (Ex3mo), Lithuania (Magic 4), Netherlands (Cool Runnings), Russia (Barkli), Slovenia, South Africa (Savolo), Sweden (eXact), United Arab Emirates (Dubai Asaar Black), Ukraine, USA (Arizona Airspeed)

World Championship of Formation Skydiving 2014 - 4way Open

Who will win the gold medals?

USA (Arizona Airspeed)
Belgium (NMP-PCH Hayabusa)
France (Volt'R Maubeuge)
Canada (Evolution)
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There are no scores yet for the 2009 season. To see scores from previous years go to our archives.

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